Over mij

Since I was a teenager, I've been always in close contact with the construction world and the home improvement business, as I started to accompany my father to his works as early as 12yo. Later on, it became obvious I had inherited my father's natural skills for tools and materials, being this fact since then, the main conditioning in my occupational activities.

After long years working in many construction companies in Spain, I had the chance to move to the USA (New York city)

where soon I obtained a State license to engage in construction and general home improvement in all of New York area, activity which I performed for about 4 years until the real state market started to collapse.

Once back in Spain, the also looming construction crisis made me take the decision to relocate. again, so I came to The Netherlands on the mid of 2008 and I have been working here since then, doing the same kind of work I did most of my life.